My Racial Journey


A Guide to
Racial Literacy

For all who work
with children

Professionals who work with young children have a responsibility to recognize the ways we may play a role in disrupting or perpetuating the social injustices that can negatively impact their lives. The way we view, welcome, and interact with children and their families is influenced by the racial experiences that shape both us and them

My Racial Journey is a guided curriculum aimed at helping us challenge the the ways we participate – often unknowingly – in racism by developing basic knowledge and skills about race.

Great for: College Classrooms, Learning Communities, Professional Development

Introduction to Racial Literacy

Reflecting on Racial Experiences

Racial Humility

Understanding your perspective and where it came from

Racial Knowledge

How do we form our ideas of race?

Racial Communication

How do our words and actions
communicate messages about race?

Racial Beliefs

Moving from Color Blind to Color Brave


Reflecting on My Racial Journey

Let Experts Guide You

My Racial Journey was developed at the University of Pittsburgh Office of Child Development and with the Office’s Positive Racial Identity Development in Early Education (P.R.I.D.E.) Program. This work was funded by a 2019 Open Education Resource Grant from the University of Pittsburgh’s Office of the Provost.

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My Racial Journey was created out of 
the University of Pittsburgh Office of Child Development.

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