My Racial Journey


Behind the Journey

My Racial Journey is a 10-week, guided curriculum aimed at helping us challenge the ways we participate – often unknowingly – in racism by developing basic knowledge and skills about race.

It was developed to be a self-guided tool that applies to all educators, professionals, and students who interact with children. From lawyers to pediatricians, Pre-K teachers to social workers, My Racial Journey provides a framework for others to learn how to develop racial literacy so that they can better serve children. It focuses on four key elements of racial literacy: Racial Humility, Racial Knowledge, Racial Communication, and Racial Beliefs 

The curriculum was designed by Dr. Shannon Wanless, director of the Office of Child Development at the University of Pittsburgh and faculty in the School of Education, Dr. Aisha White and Medina Jackson, MSW, who run the P.R.I.D.E. (Positive Racial Identity Development in Early Education) Program, and Adam Flango, Communications Manager at the Office of Child Development.

Focus on Anti-Black Racism

P.R.I.D.E.’s focus is on the development of young Black children, which is why My Racial Journey focuses on anti-Black racism. We recognize that other types of racism and other -isms affect children as well.



Winter 2018

My Racial Journey idea development begins

Spring 2019

Design production begins

Fall 2019

MRJ is piloted by Dr. Wanless

Winter 2020

MRJ is piloted by professors and professional learning communities around the country

July 2020

My Racial Journey officially launches

Let Experts Guide You

My Racial Journey was designed to be used by teachers and learning community leaders, but if you are not comfortable tackling all these topics, we have resources to help.

If you are interested in having experts on racial literacy guide you through My Racial Journey, please fill out the form below.

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Text reading week 1

Introduction to Racial Literacy

Reflecting on Racial Experiences

Racial Humility

Understanding your perspective and where it came from

Racial Knowledge

How do we form our ideas of race?

Racial Communication

How do our words and actions
communicate messages about race?

Racial Beliefs

Moving from Color Blind to Color Brave


Reflecting on My Racial Journey

My Racial Journey was created out of 
the University of Pittsburgh Office of Child Development.

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