Week 1

Introduction to Racial Literacy

Talking about race can be uncomfortable, but learning to recognize when and why you are experience discomfort can be productive. It is one of the first steps in becoming open to learning about and having conversations about race.


Reflecting on Racial Experiences

Think about racial experiences you’ve had in your life. How did they make you feel?

Using the boxes below, describe different moments or scenarios that match both emotions. Was there a time when you felt mild discomfort? How about serious discomfort?

After writing, with a partner, discuss what happened, what it felt like, and what you did in each situation.

An Uncomfortable Moment

A Troubling Moment

How can reflecting on your discomfort in these types of situations help you grow?

Now, it’s time to make a plan. As we move forward in My Racial Journey, what do you plan to do to manage different levels of discomfort? In some cases, you may need a plan to help you stay present and notice your discomfort. In other cases, it may be necessary to have to plan for self care.

Need help?

My Racial Journey was developed at the University of Pittsburgh Office of Child Development and with the Office’s Positive Racial Identity Development in Early Education (P.R.I.D.E.) Program. This work was funded by a 2019 Open Education Resource Grant from the University of Pittsburgh’s Office of the Provost.

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My Racial Journey was created out of 
the University of Pittsburgh Office of Child Development.

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