Week 3

Racial Humility
Part II

Last time, we thought about how our early experiences shape the way we see the world. Each of us have our own perspective on the world. TO have Racial Humility, we must begin to learn about other experiences and perspectives that are represented in the African American community. This lesson shows one of those perspectives.


The Talk

Watch the video below and then follow the discussion prompts.


Think of a time where you encountered someone of another race and had a biased judgement or thought.  Maybe you did not want to eat a certain type of food around that person or you were particularly quick to lock your car in that neighborhood. 

Where did you get the idea from? How did you respond, act? Do you wish you would have responded differently?

Humility requires seeking out and absorbing the perspectives of those who have different lived experiences, and those who might have interpreted similar life experiences differently.

Since people in the United States are often racially segregated in friendships, neighborhoods, and families, it is important to build deeper understanding of the breadth of African American perspectives by:

– Reading fiction from African American perspectives
– Consuming media/stories told from African American perspectives
– Listening closely to African Americans rather than jumping in right away with your own idea
– Seeking opportunities to build relationships with a wider range of perspectives

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